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Filed in Miscellaneous by Matt McGee on January 5, 2009 2 Comments

I don’t do many “Hey! Read This!” posts like this these days, but some rules are made to be broken. And Tamar’s list of the best marketing articles/blog posts from 2008 deserves to be the exception:

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2008

I’m honored to have a couple links in there. And I also have a lot of new reading to do. I suspect you will, too.

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  1. Dean Holland says:

    Geeeeez Matt !!

    Thanks a lot bro.. HUH ?@!

    Just when I thought I had too much great stuff to read you go and put this to me…


    Ha ha ha.. Only playing brother.. Thanks a bunch for sharing this !!

    Right off I go then 🙂


  2. Matt McGee says:

    You could spend months reading all those links. 🙂

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