You Only Get One Chance To Be Believable

Filed in Small Biz Marketing by Matt McGee on September 25, 2012 2 Comments

This is part of an advertisement that appeared recently in our local newspaper. It’s an insert from a local law firm promoting a presentation on estate planning.


Statements like “we have developed a solution for every problem” fly in the face of believability. No company can make claims like that, and no potential customer believes a sales pitch like that. You read it and the immediate reaction is skepticism; that’s not the emotional response you want your marketing to produce.

Companies that advertise this way don’t understand why trust matters.

You only get one chance to be believable. Don’t blow it.

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  1. Kristinn says:

    I find that I do need to make some assurances that may or may not be true. Even though there is a lot of ambivalence in SEO and outcomes are uncertain, people do want assurances. ‘Maybe’ and ‘it depends’ are worrying terms for clients.
    The trick is to be affirmative while allowing some ambiguity (wiggle room). You will be [profitable, successful, busy] in about [time frame]. Too much time and no sale, and not enough, and you loose credibility and client. It’s tricky.
    Was the ad by Swami Krishna Esquire?

  2. Kent says:

    Hahahaha. This is really funny advertisement. They still living on last century?

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