Yahoo Removes the Last Hurdle to Paying for a Directory Listing

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I’m in the middle of re-designing my wife’s real estate web site, which has sat dormant for too long now. I’m hardly a master designer, but we can do better than that 2004 version. 🙂

She’s also trying a lot of new things to market her web site, like writing a real estate blog and trying to market it and make connections via MyBlogLog.

Yahoo logoGetting links has been a challenge. Her site has a DMOZ listing, but we never paid for a Yahoo Directory listing. We will now, thanks to Yahoo’s addition of a NOYDIR tag, which was finally announced today.

The tag prevents Yahoo’s natural search SERPs from using the title and description from a Yahoo Directory listing. It may not be something that every business needs to use, but in a list of real estate web sites, I’d rather be able to control how the listing looks with our own page title, rather than just having her name show up.

So, for us, this was the last hurdle. Now that we know the directory listing’s title and description won’t start showing up in the natural SERPs, we’ll pay that $299 and hope to benefit from having one more trusted link, not to mention any direct traffic it might bring. Of course, we’ll do this as soon as I finish the new site…….

More discussion about the Yahoo announcement is available on Search Engine Roundtable, where Barry isn’t sure he’ll use the tag or not. Danny also has lots of details and background at Search Engine Land.

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