Yahoo Answers: 11 Million Answers per Month

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Right after my Local Search Workshop at the SBMU show in Houston on Tuesday, I flew to Long Beach to catch the second day of the SMX Social Media conference. This was another small show — just about 150 in attendance from what I could tell.

Just as I did in NYC last October, I spoke on Yahoo! Answers. And in the process of updating my presentation, Yahoo! supplied some astonishing new data about the explosive growth that Yahoo! Answers is experiencing right now. How about 11 million new answers per month just on the U.S. site?! Have a look at this:

Yahoo Answers data

The chart shows the number of users and answers in the U.S. and worldwide. The black original is from my first presentation, and the red is what I presented last week. The hard facts about the growth of Yahoo! Answers are:

  • Four million new users in the U.S. over a 7-month period, and 40 million new users worldwide.
  • 77 million new answers in the U.S. over the same period, and 150 million new answers worldwide

77 million new answers in seven months … wow! The user base only grew by four million in that time frame, but they sure were busy answering questions.

If you missed SMX Social, and are curious to learn more about Yahoo! Answers and how to tap into that explosive growth, I encourage you to read this recent three-part series I wrote here on SBS:

A Guide to Social Marketing on Yahoo! Answers

One Final Note…

Since I was only there for the second day, I don’t have a ton of photos from SMX Social Media, but if you’d like to see Neil Patel’s first kiss, head on over to the Flickr photo set:

SMX Social 2008 – Long Beach

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  1. Reynder says:

    Wow these numbers are amazing! To bad that there is only a English version for SEO purpose. Lycos just started a similar site in the Netherlands:

  2. Jim says:

    My understanding was that fixya was the biggest site in the world, in this (Crowdsourceing) space… is this true?

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