WWGS: Is SEO rocket science?

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(This is probably of little interest to the small business owners in the audience, but if you’ll play along for a couple moments….)

There’s a little debate going on in our industry that centers around two polar opposites: SEO is rocket science; SEO is not rocket science.

Danny has come down on the IS side, defending SEO — as have the highly respected Greg Boser and Todd Friesen. There are others who disagree.

But there’s an easy way to resolve this debate, which I call WWGS:

What Would Google Say?

In matters of great importance, shouldn’t we turn to the Oracle for answers? Gather ’round and let’s find out together….

Google - The Oracle

“seo is rocket science”: 137 results
“seo is not rocket science”: 881 results

Ouch! But when you disagree with the Oracle, fear not, for all is not lost. Sometimes the voices of the many are even louder than the Oracle. To wit:

miserable failure


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