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Your Feedburner subscribers probably jumped a ton overnight. Mine did. Pretty much everyone’s did. I initially thought it was some crazed reaction to my 10 Likely Elements of Google’s Local Search Algorithm post. Ha!

No, as the Feedburner blog folks kindly explain, it’s because Google is Now Reporting Subscribers — of its Google Reader and Personalized Homepage products.

My Feedburner number jumped from about 350 to 630. Here’s the monthly chart with today’s update included:

monthly subscribers

That’s cool, but here’s the newsworthy part: Google is now kicking Bloglines arse as the reader of choice by SBS subscribers. It’s not even close: 42% to 14%. I knew Google Reader was growing, but it’s now all grown up and stealing everyone else’s lunch money. Here’s the pie chart for SBS subscribers:

feed reader pie chart

I’m seriously stunned.

Update: Looks like Darren Rowse at made the same observations today about his subscribers. Well, tomorrow, since he’s in Australia. Nevermind. Anyway, yeah, I wonder if there’ll be a lot of posts like these?

Update #2: Barry has posted a similar screenshot of a Search Engine Roundtable pie chart, showing pretty much the same thing.

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