Why Do We Keep Biting the Rant-Bait?

Filed in SEO by Matt McGee on February 8, 2007 1 Comment

Danny’s terrific rant about Jason Calacanis has a guaranteed spot in my February Best Posts of the Month.

But I can’t help wondering: Is Jason Calacanis really worth the effort?

My knowledge of Jason Calacanis is that he had something to do with starting a blog way back when, or maybe a blogging network? And didn’t he make a lot of money that way? I do know he helped re-launch Netscape and got into some controversy with Digg. (Yawn.) I was disappointed when I heard he was keynoting at SES Chicago, because I realized some time ago that he seems like one of those self-absorbed, not-as-smart-as-he-thinks-he-is guys … you know the type. So I skipped his appearance altogether. Maybe my impression is wrong; I’ve never met him. He might be a super cool guy. I hope he is.

I realize I’m risking having you label me “dumb” for not knowing more about an “important” person like Jason Calacanis. That’s okay. Call me what you want. Here’s the thing: I’m spending too much time out in the trenches trying to help companies big and small connect with their customers via natural search to care who he is and what he says.

Frankly, I think guys like JC and Dave Pasternack say what they say largely because they know they’ll get a reaction from the SEO crowd, and because they like the attention. Rant-bait is what it is, and I’m bored with it.

I’m glad Danny replied as he did, and I think that’s one of his responsibilities as an industry leader. But if any other search marketers are reading this, I ask you: Are guys like Calacanis and Pasternack really worth the time and effort to rebuke? Don’t we have better things we ought to be doing? (I do.)

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  1. Amen brother!

    While I think Danny’s response was awesome (and needed), I’m bored with the whole “SEO is bull – SEO is not rocket science” debate. While I’m interested in seeing what becomes of Neil Patel’s challenge to Jason, I’m not wasting anymore blogging time on Jason nor Pasternack.

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