Whoa. Hello again to the new folks.

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Looks like today is shaping up to be even busier than yesterday here on SBS. So, hello to all the first-time visitors and welcome. If you would, scroll down a few posts or just click this link to read my welcome message from 24 hours ago. (With a handy link to the feed….)

Great thanks to Greg Sterling for his writeup and feedback on the SEW blog. That’s exactly the kind of feedback I’m hoping for — what did I miss, especially in the “Other Local Options” guide? Thanks also to Jenn for the mention on Search Engine Guide, and to Donna for the mention on SEO Scoop. And if I missed anyone, feel free to speak up.

Update: Thanks also to Lisa for the kind writeup on BruceClay.com. Lisa really nailed it with this bit:

“Now, if you’re like most sites, you haven’t seen a dramatic impact coming from local search just yet, but its coming. As users become more familiar with its presence and Google expands its Local OneBox listings on its SERP, local search is primed for a strong takeoff.”

Amen. I didn’t write the Local Search Marketing Guide because local search is big right now. I wrote it because it’s not big yet, and now’s the time to take advantage of that.

Update #2: Thanks also to Mary at Blizzard Internet Marketing for the nice writeup in their newsletter.

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