Who can turn the world on with their smiles?

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Answer: The wonderful and soon-to-be-official “Minneapolis SEO Welcoming Committee.”

Mary Tyler Moore statueI’m back and exhausted after a busy trip to Minneapolis which involved too many cab rides, too much walking, too much sub-20-degree weather, and too much waking up at what my body thought was about 4 or 5 a.m. But our meetings with clients and prospects on Friday went well, and overall it was a terrific visit. I’ll look forward to visiting Minneapolis again, preferably in somewhat warmer weather so I can spend more time enjoying this statue of Mary Tyler Moore which is prominently placed downtown. (click for larger version)

Helping to make the trip great was the “Minneapolis SEO Welcome Committee,” which greeted me Thursday on arrival and included (in alphabetical order):

We had a great dinner and the gang showed me a bit around the unreal/surreal Mall of America, which I visited twice on the trip and probably only saw about 33% of it.

I wasn’t able to connect with Lee Odden or Aaron Weiche due to scheduling issues. Sorry, guys. But I’m hoping to be headed back in a couple months, so we’ll get another chance then.

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  1. SeanMcGinnis says:


    It was great to see you this week. So glad to get to know another SEO! Next time bring the whole family!

    Hope to see you soon.


  2. Matt – great to meet you as well in Minneapolis! Who knew we had such a welcoming committee here.

  3. davidtemple says:

    Great to see you again Matt. Wish we’d had more time but we’re all so busy. Hope to get out to Seattle when you’re there. I didn’t blog about me being your favorite blogger though, thought we’d keep that between us. 😉

  4. Paul Jahn says:

    Great to see you again Matt, and we’ll make sure to bring an even bigger welcoming committee next time. 😉

    I hope you enjoyed MPLS, the MOA, and the camp formerly known as Snoopy!

  5. Matt McGee says:

    Thanks again for your hospitality, guys. I’m already looking forward to the next visit, whenever it happens. 🙂

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