When Mom Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

Filed in Miscellaneous by Matt McGee on February 1, 2007 0 Comments

In this case, the “mom” is my good friend, Jennifer Laycock, who is the editor of Search Engine Guide and has been incredibly helpful to me as a fellow speaker on the “Big Ideas for Small Biz” and “75-Minute Search Abs” sessions at the SES conferences.

Jenn isn’t happy because of an uber-moronic decision by the National Pork Board, owners of the trademark, “The Other White Meat.” And if you’ve done any surfing around the SEO/online marketing blogs today, you know nobody else is happy, either.*

What’s happening, in one sentence, is this: The National Pork Board is threatening to sue Jenn because she used the phrase “the other white milk” on a t-shirt that raises funds to support breastfeeding moms.

This is the definition of Big trying to squash small. It’s ugly. It’s dumb. It’s unnecessary. It’s bad PR.

So, here’s what I ask you to do: Visit Jenn’s blog, The Lactivist, and scroll down to find the contact list of people at the National Pork Board. Contact them. Just speak up. Shouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes, and you’ll be doing a Good Thing.

* Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an incredible display of rallying behind a friend here. This is beautiful to see.

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