What’s the best web-based RSS reader?

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Can you good folks recommend an online RSS reader?

Here’s my story: I’m a Mac user, and I like to use the built-in RSS reader of the default Mac browser, Safari. But, two problems:

1. I find myself using Firefox more and more, and don’t like the built-in RSS there as much as Safari’s.

2. More importantly, between my desktop machine at home, my desktop machine at work, and my laptop, I can never keep all my RSS reading up-to-date. There’s no coordination between my machines, which is really inconvenient.

So, I’m thinking a switch to web-based RSS reading is in order. What do you guys use? What would you recommend? Comments, please! And thanks in advance….

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  1. jdettbarn says:

    Funny, I’ve just switched from Firefox RSS (Sage) to an online version in order to watch the same sites at work and home!

    I’ve tried the following: Bloglines, Newshutch, NewsGator Online, Pluck, Google Reader.

    My top two would be Bloglines or NewsGator, strictly based on functionality. Those two have most of the features I am looking for in an online RSS reader, with Bloglines the one I have selected to use on a day to day basis.

    Newshutch is slick, but lacking in features (I think they just launched), Google Reader seems difficult to use in my opinion, and Pluck still requires a plugin (although your feeds are kept online)…

    Good luck!

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