What Do Pork and Proposals Have in Common?

Filed in PR/Media Relations, Reputation Mgmt. by Matt McGee on February 7, 2007 0 Comments

Aside from the fact that both made today a Good Day, probably nothing.

Rand and Geraldine put a huge smile on my face with their televised wedding proposal and her breathless “yes.” Congrats to you both!

Then Jenn made the smile even bigger with the news that her battle with the National Pork Board is over. The NPB has dropped its legal threat and is even raising money from staff to help the charity Jenn supports at The Lactivist. Nicely done all around.

But … has the damage been done? Two posts about this PR disaster are now in the Top 10 on Google when you query [National Pork Board].

Pork SERPs

Ironic, isn’t it, that the NPB (unknowingly) took on a powerful aspect of SEO — blogs and viral marketing — and now will have to consider taking on an SEO firm to help remove those two posts from the Top 10?

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