We’re Still Twittering for Charity

Filed in Off-Topic by Matt McGee on May 18, 2008 2 Comments

twitter screenshotIf I’ve learned one thing in three weeks of using Twitter, it’s this: It takes a lot longer to reach 500 followers than I expected.

Jeff Quipp and I are still Twittering for charity, trying to see who can reach 500 followers first and win some money for our favorite charity. Jeff and I each put up $250 of our own cash, and then a couple friends got involved, too: Will Scott of Search Influence left a comment saying he’d also throw in $250, and Li Evans put in $50 on top of that.

So, at the moment we’re going to donate $800 to charity as soon as either Jeff or I hit 500 followers. (If you want to add to that amount, please leave a comment.) I’m Twittering for the African Well Fund (more here). Right now, I’m at 360+ followers and Jeff is at 280+ followers, but we have a long way to go and anything can happen.

Want to help? Follow me on Twitter!

By the way, if there’s another thing I’ve learned in the past three weeks, it’s that Twitter can send traffic. It’s the No. 6 referring site to Small Business SEM since I joined on April 30. Not bad.

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  1. This is a great idea! We tried to follow you but of course Twitter gave us an error message – it’s a shame you’re doing this charity when one of the most popular sites has been down a RIDICULOUS amount of time these days. It makes your challenge that much harder.

  2. Matt McGee says:

    Thanks so much — you’re right about how bad it’s been lately. I think Twitter’s been down every day this week. It’s up right now, but you always have to ask … for how long? 🙂

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