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If you’re reading this while at the Tri-Conf event in Richland, a big welcome to you. Thanks for visiting SmallBusinessSEM.com. In my presentations, I mention a bunch of web sites, articles, and other links that you may not have had time to jot down while I was speaking. If that’s the case, here are all the references I made in chronological order:

Blogging Presentation

Jeremiah Owyang: Web Strategy: How To Evolve Your Irrelevant Corporate Website
HubSpot: Study Shows Small Businesses That Blog Get 55% More Website Visitors
Dr. Cynthia Bailey: Dr. Cynthia Bailey: Skin Care Blog

Editorial Calendar: A Simple Sample Editorial Calendar to Keep Your Blogging on Schedule
Content Ideas: Series: 5 Ways To Find New Blog Content
Content Ideas: Wordtracker Keyword Questions
Content Ideas: Keyword Discovery (for questions, too)
Content Ideas: Delicious.com “tags” for [bicycle]
Content Ideas: Yahoo Answers
Content Ideas: Facebook Questions
Content Ideas: Quora
Headlines: Site Headlines Tested

Blog comments: Case Study: Power of a Blog Comment

SEO Success Pyramid

Original article/image: The SEO Success Pyramid

Also see this: Why Trust Matters & How To Earn It

If you have any questions or feedback about my presentation or the session in general, feel free to leave a comment below. There’s also a Contact button at the top of the page. I’d love to hear from you!

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