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Filed in Link Building, Small Biz Marketing by Matt McGee on October 7, 2007 3 Comments

Here’s a quick and free SEO tip: If you’re looking for some buzz right now, go green.

Here’s why: In the last couple weeks, I’ve come upon two small businesses (neither are clients) that are getting some combination of media attention, online buzz, inbound links, and natural search traffic simply because they’ve created products or emphasized products that represent environmental-friendliness.

Go Green search trends

As the graph above from Google Trends shows, searcher interest related to the phrase “go green” is clearly on the rise. So that’s Step #1 — you’ve got an interested audience.

Even more revealing is the bottom half of the chart, which shows news references to the phrase “go green.” Have a look —

Go Green search trends - 2

That’s Step #2. Media interest = great opportunity for buzz, wide exposure, and even links from local authorities, likes your town’s newspaper and TV station web sites.

How to Make This Work For You

1.) If you have products in your inventory that can legitimately be called green-friendly, break them off into a new category on your web site and promote it heavily on your front page, to your mailing list, etc.

2.) If you run a service-oriented business … well … I’m not sure how many people will care that you just switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs, but they might care if you do that, and make your fleet of service trucks eco-friendly, and get your employees involved in an outdoor cleanup/community service-type event.

3.) In either case, once you’ve gone green, contact the media — both online and offline. And by media, I mean TV, newspapers, local independent papers and magazines, and (since you need links), local and regional bloggers.

There you go: Get links and buzz by going green. It’s all the rage. And they say it’s good for the earth, too. 🙂

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  1. Eric Enge says:

    Hey Matt,

    I am already there in a big way. The trend of our burning up the world’s resources like there is no tomorrow is not going to reverse. People are going to care more and more about that.

    Wait to the fall out from the current high schoolers arrives. They look at what we do as if we have 7 empty heads. That will be a major multiplier of this trend.

  2. everett says:

    As far as I’m concerned, going green for capitalist reasons is a good thing. In fact, it is the ONLY thing that is going to work in the long run. When businesses see that it is more profitable to be environmentally and socially conscious it brings good things. They may not be perfect, but “better” is… better.

    And I don’t think this issue is going anywhere. It’s not a fad because the problems that are causing us all to become highly aware of environmental issues have been building up for a very long time. They aren’t going away any time soon.

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