Video is the Hot Tactic for 2009

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More than search, more than social media, video is the hot online marketing tactic for 2009. That’s according to a PermissionTV survey reported today by eMarketer. Have a look:

survey chart

Here’s the key survey stat where video content is concerned:

More than one-half of respondents also expected to be implementing or extending an online video project in Q2 2009. Less than one-third said they were doing so currently.

So, the obvious question is How Do I Use Video Content as a Marketing Tactic?

You might start by reading the Forrester blog, where a post yesterday talked about the benefits of optimizing video content, and how to do it. And you might also browse through the articles I’ve tagged with “video” in bookmarks. Some of those will be industry/stats articles, but there are some How-To pieces in the list, too.

Video is something I’ve been wanting to tackle for Cari’s real estate web site, but just haven’t had the time to do. Maybe we’ll join the legions of others who will be doing video marketing in 2009….

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  1. Amiee says:

    Agree with that, apart from all tactics Video will be really very useful for online marketing in 2009.

  2. Will Scott says:


    I’ve seen the data over the last year and, Forrester notwithstanding, I wonder how much of it is reality.

    Video helps, to be sure as Steve Espinosa has shown in some of his examples, but is it a game changer? I may be projecting my own habits on to the typical web browser but I don’t have the time.

    Even 90 seconds is too long if it’s not compelling and my fear relative to Spotster, Mixpo, Spotrunner and the rest is that when the ads are not compeling they won’t drive references…

    … they may drive revenue for the providers of video but I need more convincing on their impact on rankings, stickiness and conversion.

    In other words, they may be cool and lots of people may buy them but how do they measure in ROI?

    I would love to hear informed dissenting opinion.


  3. Mathew Mamet says:


    I certainly agree with you that 90, 30, or even 15 seconds of flat, passive video is too long to hold user attention and gain any meaningful ROI. At PermissionTV, we provide tools to build interactive and non-linear video experiences. In other words, click the video, choose the next segment of video that’s most interesting to you, that kind of stuff.

    We’re encouraged by the positive news our survey provided – not only the online video industry, but the digital marketing industry as a whole.

    Check out the detailed results of our survey at

  4. Charles says:

    That is quite a surprising survey… I would have been sure that search would have come out on top, particularly at the moment as the ROI can be fantastic and the results tracked accurately.

  5. Will Scott says:

    @Mathew Mamet,

    I’m not saying your videos aren’t cool. And I’m not saying that there aren’t industries for whom there’s an ROI in video.

    But there was another company which did something similar, albeit more low tech, a few years back called IBCTV.

    They’re now out of business. The most valuable artifact is a body of content to republish on YouTube.

    Like Charles above, I’d like to see all the questions in that survey and understand how they were pre-loaded.

    I’ve fully reviewed the slide deck, and I’ll need to see some case studies which demonstrate ROI before I’m a believer.

    Again — looks like a cool product.


  6. Mathew Mamet says:

    @Charles – Yes, even we were surprised at how much attention Video projects got in our survey. I believe it’s because Marketers are already using Search (Paid and Organic). But when they think about what NEW tactics to add in their portfolio, they realize the time is now for Online Video.

    @Will – I’m not familiar with IBCTV, but I wonder if their timing was off. Just like the Apple Newton, sometimes really good technology will fail if the community is not ready for it. With that said, we’re still early on, in the evolution of online video. You’re right – ROI stories need to be better defined. PTV is going to work to make that happen for our customers (and ourselves) in 2009.

  7. Maxwell Finn says:


    I spent the last hour or so reading through many of your posts. You have some great stuff here and you are now feeding to my Google Reader.

    I frequently visit eMarketer to find supporting facts for my blog posts or reports for clients. However, I have a hard time believing the survey. I agree that online videos are powerful vehicles for marketing, but disagree with the placement of mobile marketing. If this survey is correct (which I’m sure it is), then there is a problem with current marketers. Since the release of the Apple App Store, nearly every big brand has developed and launched a mobile app for the iPhone. Most websites and blogs have a custom mobile display for people viewing the page on their mobile screen and browser. Out of all the high-tech gadgets a person owns, their iPhone/Blackberry is the one they need at all times. Many people need their phone with them 24/7 because without it they have anxiety or even panic attacks. It is such a wide spread problem that psychologists actually have a medical name for this condition, Mobile Anxiety.

    I am confident that our world will continue to become more and more mobile. Being mobile is becoming a lifestyle and marketers will soon capitalize on this lifestyle.

    I apologize for the lengthy comment, but I really would like to hear your opinion on mobile marketing. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Oh and once again…keep up the great blogging.

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