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I don’t know how helpful this might be to the typical small business (is there such a thing? probably not), but it’s really a great read. At PR-Squared, Todd Defren explains how his company has been using as a sort of “PR hub” to contact journalists who cover a client’s industry (namely, word of mouth marketing).

What are we doing here? Providing any writer who is interested in WOMM with a customized research page containing the top news in the space, including first-hand reaction — on a daily basis — by a WOMM industry pioneer. For media types, et al., who subscribe to the RSS feed of that page, that’s a daily dose of Thought Leadership!

Really, if you have the resources to do this kind of thing … it’s genius. It’s participation marketing, but with a twist — rather than going out to find your customers, it’s going out to find your media, your influential writers, etc. Because technically, they’re your customers, too.

(via Lee Odden)

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