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Filed in SEO & Web Tools by Matt McGee on November 11, 2007 2 Comments

I’m a bit behind the game on these, but want to make sure to get a couple links out there and add some content to my SEO Tools category. I wouldn’t classify either of these tools as earth-shattering, but they both provide helpful information — and, to me at least, they give me quicker and more convenient access to information that would otherwise take a while to pull together.

Index Rank from Solo SEO

IndexRank is a tool that gives you quick access to seeing how many pages Google has indexed over various periods of time. You can provide multiple URLs, which is helpful for comparing your site against the competition — or, in my case, several of your own domains:

IndexRank tool

Website Health Check from SEO Book

This tool does a variety of things, but the most valuable to me is the quick list of missing or duplicate title tags, description tags, etc., across whatever domain you provide. Here’s what it looks like after you run the tool:

Website Health Check tool

Both of these have been added to my growing bookmarks folder of SEO tools.

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  1. vanessa says:

    Hi Matt, Website Health Check is great. I have added it to my toolbox as well. It’s amazing what kind of SEO info you can get easily and for free these days! Tools like this make it easy for people to fix things themselves or gain some knowledge if they intend to approach an SEO professional. Now is a great time to do this type of site maintenance and identify goals for the coming year.

  2. ChicagoShmoe says:

    There’s a site that I use called to track my Google SERP positions. You can submit up to 3 keywords per report. When you’re done, it’ll be displayed you ranks in a graph. The site link is … Its definitly free to use and once it generate the report for you, there’s some helpful hints as well too. Hope this help anyone out there who’s looking for a free seo tool to use.

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