Two New SEO Tools I’ve Bookmarked

Filed in SEO & Web Tools by Matt McGee on May 30, 2007 2 Comments

The title of the post says it all, so here they are:

Domain Popularity Tool from LinkVendor. This is essentially a backlink checker, and when they say “domain popularity”, that’s what they mean — it doesn’t check links to a deep directory or URL, just to the domain. Here’s what it looks like:

domain popularity tool

Ignoring the domain-only limitation, it adds some additional info. about each backlink, including the IP* of the inbound link, its PageRank, and if you’re willing to be patient, the anchor text of the link. (Hat tip to Cr8asite via SE Roundtable.)

* Particularly convenient is the ability to sort the list of results by IP. This can be very helpful when doing competitive intelligence to see if your competition is getting its links from a bunch of sites sitting on the same IP.

Tool No. 2 worth mentioning is Keyword Curious from Scott Horne, aka Web Professor. This is a simple-but-effective keyword research tool which allows you to run searches on either a phrase-match or a broad-match basis, and then lets you choose the keywords you like and save them into different “keyword baskets.” Here’s what it looks like:

keyword curious

As with all of the keyword research tools, the real benefit isn’t in studying exact keyword counts; the benefit is in gaining ideas for new words and phrases you may not have thought of previously. And so Keyword Curious makes a nice addition to your keyword research toolbelt.

Update: I sent Scott a couple questions about Keyword Curious last night via email. He replied via email, and then added even more information on his blog today about the data sources and other related topics. Thanks, Scott!

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