Tuesday Night Link-o-rama

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Because the holidays have me reading at odd intervals and posting has fallen behind, there was no “Friday Night Link-o-rama” last week, and there may not be one this week, either. So how about a Tuesday version, instead, to fill the gap? Sounds good to me, especially since it’s a quick post and there’s not a lot going on these days….

Let’s start with some Google-related words and definitions from Matt Cutts. He posted right before Christmas on the difference between algorithm updates and data refreshes, plus a couple other phrases, too. And any day now, he’ll be ranking #1 for each one. 🙂 Regardless, we should all be on the same page where Google terminology — “Googleology” — is concerned.

How’s this for a list post? Check out Aviva Directory’s list of 99 “Little Known Ways to Brand on the Cheap.”

I haven’t actually downloaded these yet, but they seem to be something the small business owner might want to have a look at. Stephan Spencer has posted a couple recent presentations on e-mail marketing which he gave to the Professional Association of Innkeepers International conference. His description of the presentations:

These presentations were targeted to small business owners (owners of Bed & Breakfasts) with a low to moderate level of sophistication in Internet Marketing.

That’s all for now. I’m back at work tomorrow during the day and will try to finish up a couple posts after dinner(s) this week, stuff I want to get out before year’s end.

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