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Since I’m not on Twitter, I’ll pass along a couple notes the old-fashioned way…..

More on SES New York

In addition to my previous post here on SBS about the SES New York conference last week, I’ve written up something with a little more detail on the video/small business session my wife and I attended. You can read the post on Local Point: Local Search and Video: A Match Made in NYC.

SEMMY Awards

For those of you who are still e-mailing to ask about helping with the 2009 SEMMYS, thank you very much for volunteering, but at the moment I’m all set with help. I have a 12-person advisory committee in place, and we’re just starting to discuss ways to cast a wider net so that even more great authors and articles are nominated for the 2009 awards. I’ll post updates here on SBS as needed, but we’re in good shape.

SEO Madness Update

After the first (crazy) weekend of March Madness, yours truly is currently sitting down in a tie for 9th place with Larry Sullivan in our SEO Madness contest. Taylor Pratt and Eric Lander got super-lucky so far and are tied for 1st place. On the bright side, I’m the only person in the Top 10 to pick UCLA to win it all, so if the Bruins do so, I think I have a shot at defending my crown. Go Bruins! Here’s the Top 10:

SEO Madness update

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  1. Damn I forgot to enter. I am in to many damn brackets.

  2. Matt McGee says:

    I would’ve sent out a reminder to you and the others, Jaan, but SES decided to hold their show during tournament week so I was distracted, too. 🙁

  3. pratt says:

    I’ll have you know that each of my selections in the MM Tourney are carefully calculated. Luck has nothing to do with having the winning bracket 😉

  4. davidmihm says:

    All of you are just fortunate that I didn’t go with my ‘A’ bracket in this contest…in one that gives out something more valuable than links, all four Final Four teams are still alive and I’ll be riding the Jayhawks to the title…but I’ll be cheering for the Bruins to at least make it there, Matt 😀

  5. sheseltine says:

    Ah well, I signed up for it, but completely forgot to flip a coin 63 times to fill out the bracket before it started.

  6. Eric Lander says:

    I watched maybe 3 games all season long, and, that’s only because nothing better was on the tube.

    Maybe I’m lucky… Who knows. But, I’m comfy sharing the lead. 🙂

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