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I thought I was done for the weekend, but how great is this?

The Link Baiting Playbook: Hooks Revisited

Todd tackles the Hows, Whys, Tactics, and Strategies for linkbait. By all means, click and read, and then come back and indulge me with a little bit more on this blog.

Okay. Back?

Okay. Todd listed two of my articles as examples in that piece:

For a small business, this kind of marketing is as tough as anything you’ll try. It probably takes more time than you have, and perhaps more creativity than you have, as well. (Don’t take that the wrong way.) But, as time goes along, this kind of marketing — this link acquisition strategy — is just going to be more and more important. You have to stand out and be remarkable.

Well, after I wrote the “Top 21 Signs” piece last year, I followed it up about a week later with a second post where I tried to uncover what I did in such a way that it would benefit other small enterprises trying to explore this linkbait thing. Keep in mind that when I wrote that Top 21 Signs post, you probably weren’t reading this blog. My situation was (and still is to a large degree) not unlike a small business looking for some attention. So maybe this helps, since most of you must’ve missed it the first time around:

Linkbaiting for Small Businesses (Or, What I Learned Last Week)

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