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I’ve already had to make a change here on SBS regarding how comments are handled. The current rule is that any comment with a link gets held for moderation. It stinks to have to do this, but at the moment the ratio of spam to real comments is about 4:1.

As if that’s not enough, now I’m dealing with blatant theft. Check this out:

As best I can tell, theft of my content continues up to p=273 on this site. And I’m not alone… Jim Westergren’s Link Building Guide has been stolen and lifted into this post and this one.

Wanna see more? Here’s the original at ISEDB and here’s the copy.

Heck, if you do an SEO/SEM/web marketing blog, you might want to see if your stuff is in there, too.

Between the comment spam and content theft, it’s a wonder anyone wants to blog these days……

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  1. wsuntech says:

    * ATTENTION: Post Deleted!
    WSUN Technologies receives dozens of articles every day from semi-anonymous registered users of our blog. We received a complaint message regarding the above posted contextual article stating that we have stolen posts from another blog.
    We have been misinformed regarding the intellectual property status of this post. We allow open posting to all register users of our blog providing the post meets the requirements of our site. The requirements we have are fairly simple.
    1.) No Sexual Oriented Content
    2.) No Advertisements unless Approved
    3.) No Reposting of Articles unless Approved to do so by Creative Commons or Respective Owner.
    4.) All Posted Articles Must Be Technology Oriented.
    As a result of our registered user’s ignorance we have received a message from the owner of this article.
    WSUN Technologies does not tolerate copyright infringement of any kind. The violating user has been banned and their rss.xml has been deleted from our list of feeds to be syndicated by us. We sincerely apologize for any aggravation this may have caused. We will gladly delete any posted article if the respective owner wishes for us to do so. Please email us at to report copyright infringement and to have any posts deleted. We will gladly delete any posts and ban any users from our system for these types of issues.

  2. wsuntech says:

    ATTN: From The Desk of WSUNTech CEO and CNOA

    Great concern has been in the focus of my attention today. How can we offer copyright protection as a service if we are not honoring copyrights?
    The excuse of our clients posting infringed articles does not fly with me.
    I had a meeting today with the entire executive board regarding this matter and as a result of the meeting we have decided to dump all posts on the entire blog The Web “Inside and Out”.
    The blog will be converted to a staff and executive blog only. We will now prohibit any posting from and registered users. However, we will allow comments as long as they meet the requirements during moderation.
    I personally sincerely apologize to any domain owners who have suffered from their content works being infringed upon. I also apologize to any registered users who may have legitimately posted their own content works.
    We can not verify that every blog post is legitimate unless we post them ourselves. We are now regrouping ideas regarding the blog to rectify any issues resulting from the infringement of content and refocusing our efforts on providing unique content articles for our current users and subscribers.
    If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me directly.

    Kind regards,
    Jason Jersey, CEO CNOA
    WSUN Technologies
    1-(209) 885-4211

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