They’re Hardcore in Denver…

Filed in Off-Topic by Matt McGee on December 1, 2006 3 Comments

I’m back from my quick jaunt back east, and was almost dumbfounded at how hardcore they are at Denver Intl. Airport. It had snowed Wednesday, the day I flew through there, and when we landed there were 1-2 inches all over the airport. We landed on the snow, taxied around, went about all the regular business … as if it were the middle of summer. Incredible. I guess this is nothing unusual at DIA!

Denver Intl. Airport

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  1. we did have quite the bizzard on Tuesday night/Wednesday. Sorry you couldn’t stay longer and enjoy the snow!

  2. anevelos says:

    You are SO right about Denver. I remember flying in one year just before Christmas and it was snowing so hard I was sure we would not get out. I was going crazy there checking the board for cancellations and all the employees were just like la-de-da…no big deal. So you can’t see your hand in front of your face. It is just a little snow. That is hard core!

  3. Matt McGee says:

    Mike – I would love to visit Denver sometime when there’s NO snow. 🙂

    Thx for the comment, anevelos. Guess I’m not the only one surprised by how they do things!

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