The Long Tail Lives: 5 Strangest Search Referrals Today

Filed in Site News by Matt McGee on May 2, 2007 6 Comments

Just have to share this: Here are the five strangest search referrals to Small Business SEM today, as discovered by browsing through my Hit Tail account.

Who can beat those?

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  1. SoloSEO says:

    We’ve had some pretty wild ones too…

    best sugar cookies
    shish kabob recipe blog
    cookie experiments
    mccain chocolate chip cookies
    hillary clinton pranks
    are zunes good or bad
    killer of ones wife (whoa…scary)
    another word for perfect (nice compliment?)
    huh ah oh
    risks of buying used shoes (eww…gross)
    birthmark cream
    acid fizz
    do it yourself liposuction (no we don’t recommend this)

  2. sheseltine says:

    Well, given the name of my blog you could expect some feline references…

    how many different tigers are there?
    tigers pencil sketch
    tigers sex (surely you just lift the tail to find out which) 😉
    tigers doing sex
    silly tigers
    tigers how they run
    descriptive words for tigers
    are there tigers in panama

    then there are some non-tiger related ones…

    should i kill myself, or have a cup of coffee
    refrigerator freshener
    nashville escort search engine (interestingly the post has no mention of Nashville)

  3. st0n3y says:

    I get lots of traffic for “pingu dance”. I did a single post on that a while back and its still ranking #4 on Google. I also get traffic from “cover the earth logo” and, not suprisingly, “the apprentice” and all it’s variations.

  4. Miriam says:

    I’m laughing.
    We get lots of traffic for ‘bad websites’ because of an article I wrote a few years back about this topic. Maybe a little weird for a web design company to be getting traffic for this.

    Apart from the funny aspect of this post, it also shows how the long tail can certainly bring in folks who are NOT looking for what you’ve got, so it’s a bit of a cautionary tale.

    Good post, Matt.

  5. Matt McGee says:

    LOL! There are some classics in there, guys, and yeah, I think you got me beat. “do it yourself liposuction” is priceless!

    (Yikes … now this post will start to rank for that phrase. Just you watch.)

    And Miram — very good point about the long tail often bringing in useless/unwanted traffic, too. Very true.

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