The Best Thing About the New Google Groups

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By now you’ve probably read about today’s overhaul of Google Groups, which (as best I can tell) is still not up to par with Yahoo! Groups. But that’s another post for another day.

Here’s the best thing about the new Google Groups: the ability to view all recent posts from a single user.

Why is this good?, you ask.

Well, because there’s a lot of noise in many groups, and the “signal” is sometimes very hard to find. The Google Webmaster Help group is a prime example of this. Lots of noise. But, well-known Googlers like Vanessa Fox and Adam Lasnik occasionally post in the group, and those posts will sometimes help webmasters learn more about SEO and webmastering in relation to Google. You may want to bookmark these:

When you get to their profile pages, you’ll learn a little about the person, but the real value is in the Recent Activity section, where you can see their last 10 posts and use the “Show all” link to go further into the archives.

Here’s Adam’s profile, for example.

Adam Lasnik profile page

And that’s the best thing about the new Google Groups!

Wondering if Matt Cutts is in Google Groups, too? Well, yes and no. He’s in there, but all the posts are more than a decade old and from a Linux-related group. Shucks!

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