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Filed in Local Search by Matt McGee on December 15, 2011 15 Comments

acxiom-logo-2Quick post here to share something that’s news to me: Local businesses can submit a listing to Acxiom online via a site called My Business Listing Manager.

This is important because Acxiom is one of the three primary business data aggregators in the U.S. (along with Localeze and Infogroup), and for years there’s been no simple, online method to add a listing to Acxiom’s database.

Well, thanks to Cody Baird for just leaving a comment on this old post (but don’t click that link) letting me know about one of his own recent blog posts:

How to List your business with Acxiom

That’s the link you want to click for a step-by-step look at how it works. Thanks, Cody!

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  1. Cody Baird says:

    Thanks for the plug Matt! My blog is new. It feels good to help out and share a couple tricks. I appreciate you spreading the word!

  2. Keith E. McGahey says:

    Although it’s easy now, it’s still a lengthy process. From submitting my business through My Business Listing Manager to having a listing that could be edited was about a 4 month process. Still worth it, though!

  3. Keith E. McGahey says:

    Sorry, Matt. One thing I should add is the online chat is usually manned by helpful people, and those same people were easily reached by phone to work out an issue with my listing in record time.

  4. Cody Baird says:

    Thanks for the info Keith. I will make a post on my blog that it took 4 months for your listing to appear in the database.

  5. Keith E. McGahey says:

    NP. The process was actually about 2 months for the listing to appear after submitting. Once it appears you can claim it and make edits/modifications, which are picked up after another 1-2 months.

  6. YS says:

    I just claimed my existing listing – got an email saying I need to call them to “activate” my listing so that I have control of it.

    Weird thing is the email was from

    Is this a subsidiary of Acxiom?

  7. Cody Baird says:


    Emails from moonvalley are standard. If your listing was already listed with Acxiom and just just claimed it, they will include a pin number in the email. Call the 1 800, give them your pin # and you will have claimed the listing.

    Once the listing is claimed you can select a category for your business and update any listing attributes

  8. Shefiu says:

    Hi Matt, interesting reading about Acxiom. I’m from the UK. Does listing a local business with them only apply to US businesses?

  9. Tiffany says:

    Great post, Matt.

    @Shefiu – Unfortunately at this time only US businesses are supported.

    If anyone has questions throughout the process they can call (866)750 -5438 or email

    Community Manager
    Acxiom Corporation

    • I have e-mailed and called Acxiom over and over without any response … how google can rely on such an unresponsive company for information is baffling! I have asked for help over and over and no one responds … “invalid credentials” received over and over, cleared cache, changed browsers, yuda yuda yuda all with no avail!

  10. StuartB says:

    Link appears to be broken, but I still found it.

  11. Matt McGee says:

    Thx Stuart – I fixed it.

  12. It is all so confusing, and no mention of YEXT was made.
    I wanted to rank better in Tampa local results, and was told to use Yext, but they are expensive!

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