Starting a Hyperlocal Blog: The Series

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Blogging and local search are two hot items in online marketing, and that makes perfect sense: Blogging is a natural way for a business owner to introduce him/herself to potential clients while simultaneously showing knowledge and expertise of the local area.

This is especially true in the real estate industry. The Washington Post recently wrote about the growing trend of real estate agents using blogs to connect with potential clients. The article hit home at Casa McGee: My wife is a Tri-Cities real estate agent, and we recently started four new hyperlocal blogs for that exact purpose.


Beginning today, I’ll be publishing a five-part series about our experience. The road we’ve taken may not be right for you, and sometimes I’m not certain it’s been right for us. We’re headed in a new direction, trying to navigate all the twists and turns and bumps in the road. My hope is that you’ll learn from our experience, even if that means learning that you should do things differently. 🙂

Monday: Planning A Hyperlocal Blog Strategy
Tuesday: Setting Up a Hyperlocal Blog (or Four)
Wednesday: Content Development for Our Hyperlocal Blogs
Thursday: Marketing A Hyperlocal Blog
Friday: Hyperlocal Blogging: Successes and Failures So Far

Enjoy the series, and please share your thoughts at any point along the way!

(photo: Highway 240, near Richland, Washington, by Matt McGee)

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