SMX West: Must Have Local Search Tactics (What I’m Looking For)

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smx logoSMX West is a little more than two months away — it’s happening March 11-13 in San Jose, California. I’ll be coordinating and moderating three sessions, two of which are mostly set for speakers.

The third session, though, is currently accepting pitches:

Must-Have Local Search Tactics

If you’re interested in speaking on that session, here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Someone to speak to what’s going on with Google+ Local at the moment, and what the current best practices/tatics are there.
  • Someone to speak to the current status of Apple Maps and tactics for it.
  • A third speaker to address other local tactics, whether it be Bing or Yelp or Foursquare or reviews in general or something else.
  • If needed, a fourth speaker to cover something else that attendees will want and need to know to help with their local marketing tactics.

That sounds, to me, like the makings of a solid overall tactical session on local search. So if you or someone you know would be a good fit and have some great, actionable tactics to share with attendees, the pitch for is open.

And if you do pitch, be sure to read this first: Matt’s Unofficial Tips for Pitching to Speak at SMX.

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  1. Matt, read your Blog/Thread on your quest and or search? Read thru too the end and the fourth spot seemed designed for me! You might see me as the “SMB” but I am really just an “SOB” (small ordinary business) and what I do for a living is dig fence post holes! And before going further my VCR (some people laugh at that term) still blinks 12:00.

    The WWW devotes page after page of acronyms e.g., B2B, B2C, http, SMB (I can go on but I am sure you get the path) suffice too say the local merchant/retailer and the local consumer have no idea what it all means? Nor do they have the time to educate themselves?

    Here are three new terms you may or may not be familiar e.g., C2B (and how to accomplish), DIfM/DIFY and e-Positioning.

    The SOB’s at the local level have Billions $$$ available for advertising that they do not have to pull from their own pockets???

    So, if this has some interest on your part maybe we can discuss further?

    Area Code Shopper

    ps Husband and wife sitting at their breakfast table discussing the need for a New fence! Fence contractor sitting at his office! What can be done to create mutual paths for satisfaction?

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