SMBs: Do You Know What “Web Equity” You Control?

Filed in Featured, Local Search, Small Biz Marketing by Matt McGee on March 15, 2011 0 Comments

mb-equityIf you were at the Local University workshop in Spokane last month, you got a sneak peek at this already. Everyone else, this is really great. Mike Blumenthal has created an infographic that he’s calling “Web Equity: Owning Your Local Web Presence.” It shows the various elements of a successful online presence in light of where the SMB has the most control, covering “search” on one side and “social” on the other.

As Mike says in the text, “The many elements of an online presence can build on each other and work together for a business. The process is best done in an environment with more control rather than less. Because of the changing nature of the Internet, a SMB’s marketing investment should always reinforce and strengthen the elements over which they have the most ownership.”

You can read Mike’s blog post about it, or just go straight the download/embed page where you’ll find several versions at your fingertips.

Highly recommend reading and thinking about this idea of building out marketing pieces that you control for the long haul.


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