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Filed in Site News by Matt McGee on July 13, 2008 1 Comment

Weekends seem to be the time for me to post general updates about SBS, so here’s a quick note about advertising on this blog:

Now that I’m working for a search marketing agency (KeyRelevance), it makes no sense for me to accept advertising from other search marketing agencies and consultants. 🙂 And that includes friends like Ryan Freeman, whose Strider SEO was the first advertiser I had. (Thanks, Ryan.) I emailed Ryan last week about this, and refunded the final two months of his banner ad purchase.

Now that I’m limiting the pool of potential advertisers, I’ve also lowered the ad rates to half of what they were before. You can learn more about advertising on this blog and put in your order right away if you’d like. But not if you provide search marketing services.

That’s all. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…..

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  1. RKF says:

    I considered it a great compliment to be reckoned a “competitor” to a firm of the calibre of KeyRelevance. 🙂

    All the best at KR – Say “Hi” to everyone for me.


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