She Paid $1750 for What?

Filed in SEO by Matt McGee on July 28, 2008 3 Comments

Simon Heseltine starts off the week with the story of a friend of his who recently paid $1,750 for “SEO services” that included:

  • search engine submissions
  • lame directory submissions
  • creation of a new web site she doesn’t even own
  • content scraping

You might guess this happened in the real estate industry. And you’d be right. Here’s the full story:

SEO Scams & Snake Oil Salesmen

I’m not sure we need more evidence that Real Estate SEO is a Joke, but if only one real estate agent or other small business owner reads this and learns to avoid the same thing in the future, it’s worth a 5-minute blog post like this one.

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  1. This is a sad, but the truth is their are snake oil salesman in every line of business

  2. Michael says:

    What’s even worse are the new boiler room SEO outfits that charge you 80 bucks a month, 200 for the first month. They don’t even modify title tags. They just put some links on a couple of link farms (which they revoke if the customer ever stops paying that monthly crack fee), and do a few local business listings. SEO is definitely a shady business right now.

  3. W.D. says:

    And how much time do the customers keep paying for such services?! Are there any tips to consider while dealing with a SEO company not to be deceived as this woman?

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