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Yes, I still have several detailed posts to write covering some of the material in the sessions I attended at SES 2006 San Jose, but the “wrap-up” post hits now, regardless.

For starters, the conference was really great. I have to imagine that, no matter how far along you are in your SEO/SEM education, you’re going to find things that are new and informative. And beyond the new stuff, it’s always good to hear confirmation from others that your own beliefs and techniques are “best practices.” So, two thumbs way up from me.

I spoke with several business owners and fellow SEOs about it, and to a person they all said something along the lines of “I go to a lot of trade shows and conferences, but this is the only one that I get something from every time.” So, hats off to Danny Sullivan and the Incisive Media gang for putting on a terrific show.

As for me and SBS, the speaking gig on Wednesday was a real treat. Great fun, and now I want to do it again and again. 🙂 It was a bit nerve-wracking for the first minute, but (as several people told me beforehand) once I got going, it was just fine. Jenn Laycock of Search Engine Guide and John Carcutt of Applied SEO spoke on the same panel and were both very helpful, not to mention fun to speak with. Thanks, guys.

And thanks to everyone who attended our session, too. I posted a week or so ago about my fear that only 7 people would show up, but we actually ended up with a standing-room-only crowd, which was fantastic!

My Presentation

If you’re interested in my presentation, you can download it here on SBS. There are two files:

  1. Powerpoint: This is my actual presentation as shown during the session.
  2. Word: This material was supposed to be printed in the conference handbook, but a clerical error got in the way. It’s essentially a preview / overview of my presentation and, most importantly, includes all of the URLs of sites mentioned in the presentation, and some not mentioned, too.

You should also read the session recap at SE Roundtable that Chris Boggs posted. He’s correct that I did go a bit fast in the middle, there….


And lastly, I’ve uploaded my complete set of SES photos on Flickr now, so feel free to have a look.

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