SEO Voyeurism

Filed in Conferences/Educ., SEO by Matt McGee on July 17, 2006 0 Comments

Let’s face it … we all have a bit of voyeur in us, right? Even if all you do is break your neck turning to look at the crash that slowed you down on the freeway, you like to look. It’s okay. We all do.

But how about being a voyeur on some other small business SEO campaign? What if you could watch somebody else plan and execute an SEO campaign for their small business? Think you might learn something? I’d say so….

You have that opportunity thanks to a new project that Jenn Laycock has organized over at Search Engine Guide: The Carrie D. Mader Project (Part 1). Carrie is a work-at-home mom who makes gemstone jewelry and says that “marketing over the internet … is daunting.”

Sound familiar? Want to watch? And learn? Use the link and follow along….

(Disclaimer: Rumor has it that I’m going to be on an upcoming “industry consultant” team, so while I do have personal interest in how the project goes, that doesn’t lessen the value to any small business owner.)

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