SEO Madness 2010 update

Filed in Off-Topic by Matt McGee on March 28, 2010 3 Comments

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is down to the final four teams, and our “SEO Madness” contest is still up for grabs. Frankly, with all the upsets this year, the contest looks like a wasteland of poor prognostication … but someone has to win, so we march on. As we head towards Final Four weekend, here are the possible winners depending on what happens on the court:

  • If Duke wins the title, George Bounacos wins our contest.
  • If West Virginia wins, Ed Reese wins.
  • If Butler beats West Virginia, Ed Reese wins.
  • If Butler beats Duke, Julie V. wins.
  • If Michigan State beats Duke, Julie V. wins.
  • If Michigan State beats West Virginia, Ed Reese wins.

There ya go. I’ll post the winner after next Monday night’s championship game.

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  1. Man, I hafta root for Coach K with the awesome Butler story out there? But you’re right, Matt — those brackets look *ugly*!

  2. I am absolutely stunned that my bracket has ANY path to victory at this point, although that both paths rely on my hatred of Dook is fitting and proper.

  3. Ed Reese says:

    Soooo glad I don’t have to root for Duke. Don’t think I could do it. Man, what a crazy tourney. I didn’t even look until I saw your post. I didn’t think there was any way I was still in the hunt.

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