SE Tigers: Early review of SEMPO Training

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SEMPO logoOne of the slides I use in my “Big Ideas for Small Sites” presentation at SES covers some of the SEO training classes/seminars that are available to those looking to learn. I’ll need to add the new SEMPO Institute to that slide for the next presentation.

It’s a web-based program that right now consists only of a “Fundamentals of Search Marketing” course for $499 (or $399 for SEMPO members).

The obvious question: Is it any good? Well, I haven’t taken it, but SEMPO member Simon Heseltine just did and shares his thoughts at Search Engine Tigers:

The SEMPO course was basically open book, with a button being pressed at the end of every exam, and if you failed the exam you could retake it. Also, unlike the Sun exam, the questions were the same every time you attempted the exam, so if you happened to mark down your answers, you could run back through and change those that you were not so sure about, and regrade them until you pass. Some of the exams used the same questions that were in the in-lesson quizzes, so if you had completed those, you were set for the test.

Still, Simon calls it “not a bad start” and offers some suggestions for improvement.

SEMPO will be offering advanced courses in the near future, but you have to complete the Fundamentals class to take those.

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