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WSJ Small Biz podcastWe recently started getting The Wall Street Journal at home, thanks to a surplus of airline miles that were about to expire and an offer to turn those miles into magazine/newspaper subscriptions. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble on a weekly section devoted to small business issues, with some terrific profiles of small business owners, a Q&A feature, and things like that.

Tonight, I was just as pleasantly surprised to learn that the WSJ has a weekly podcast that covers small business issues:

WSJ Startup Center: Survival Strategies

What I particularly like is that each podcast runs no more than 10 minutes — and that’s perfect for the small business owner who doesn’t have a lot of time to sit through longer audio material. The drawback of such brevity is that the content runs fairly shallow — they don’t spend a lot of time in deep examination of the topics or tips each week. I’d like to see more depth of content, even if it means adding 5-10 minutes to the podcast.

From the link above, you can download any individual podcast in MP3 format. Or you can use the RSS feed and subscribe to the podcast via your favorite RSS/Podcast service. If iTunes is your podcast catcher of choice, subscribe here.

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