Rae x Two: The Old and The New

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Rae Hoffman must’ve just seen a GEICO commercial when she titled her post today as follows:

Why Links Matter: So Simple a Monkey Could Understand It

She says:

This post isn’t aimed at professional webmasters or search marketers. This is aimed at the person new to search engine optimization that needs a basic understanding of why they need to develop links, though professionals may find it useful for the new link developer or search marketing trainee.

I would add (and the reason I’m writing it up is) that it’s useful for any small business owner, too, who wants to get a little more understanding about the need for and benefit of inbound links.

That’s the “new” I refer to in the title. The “old” is this post from just about one year ago on WebmasterWorld, which has to rank as one of the all-time great link-related posts:

Link Development vs. Traffic Development and Staying with the Times

You’ll want to invest the time to reading that one.

And when you’re done, here a couple link-related posts from the archives here on SBS:

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