PPC: Sometimes “set it and forget it” works!

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This has historically been an SEO-focused blog, but that hasn’t stopped me from writing a few PPC posts over the years … and for the first SBSM article in a looooong time, I’m gonna share a little PPC story.

As a reminder, my wife, Cari, is a successful real estate agent here in Tri-Cities, Washington. She received a call today that went to voicemail (because she was with another client) from a gentlemen wanting to talk about buying a house. Early in the voicemail, he explained how he found her:

“You must be doing something right, because your ad came up first when I searched on Google, so here I am calling you.”

Cari is going to try to find out what his search term was, but that’s not the real story. What’s amazing is that her ad(s) are driving any calls whatsoever. Because we literally haven’t touched her AdWords account in more than a year. I’m not kidding. I never bothered to update her account to those expanded text ads that went live in July 2016. We’ve never transitioned the old/standard ads, never created new expanded ads … nothing.

In fact, just a week ago AdWords emailed me a reminder that it’s been 112 days since my last login, which — I’m pretty sure — was only done in order to update the credit card that we use to pay Google.

So I know all the PPC experts out there have been advising against “set it and forget it” pretty much forever, but I’m telling ya … sometimes it works!


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