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I’ve been catching up on some podcast listening, including the 2-week-old SEO Rockstars show when Greg and Todd were talking about the Dave Pasternack contest. Todd announced that he’d be putting a horse in the race, which can be found here: Dave Pasternack.

I checked the SERPs as I was listening, and sure enough, he’s already got the best horse in the race, coming in at #5:

Google SERP - Dave Pasternack

But look at that… is it just me, or could Todd do even better by installing the Optimal Title plugin, so that “Dave Pasternack” shows up at the beginning of the page title instead of the end?

Hope this helps, link and all. 🙂

Update: Oh, the irony. Greg just posted his entry tonight, and he also needs that plugin.

Seems odd for me to be suggesting SEO to Todd and Greg, but okay….

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