On OPEN Forum: A Crash Course in Search Marketing

Filed in Conferences/Educ., PPC Advertising, SEO by Matt McGee on September 22, 2011 1 Comment

open-forum-logoMy latest contribution at the American Express OPEN Forum is now online, and it’s a two-parter that’s geared toward small business owners who are relatively new to SEO and PPC. I’ll explain:

The first part is a Crash Course in SEO and PPC, the two foundational pieces of search engine marketing. My task with the article was to provide a big picture guide that references some of the excellent articles already published on OPEN Forum for further reading.

The second part is an interactive SEO/PPC quiz that’s based on the articles that I listed in the “crash course.” So, if you’ve read those articles, you’ll do well on the quiz. It’s 25 questions, as I recall, and it tracks your points along the way.

Enjoy, and good luck if you take the quiz!

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  1. Brian Maher says:

    I work in this field and am somtimes shocked the amount of small business owners who either want to look after their own seo or take on an intern to manage it for them. The reality is you require a strategy and resources to effectively market your business online

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