October ’09: Best Search/Marketing Posts

Filed in Link Roundups by Matt McGee on November 1, 2009 3 Comments

Here’s my roundup of the best search/marketing posts I found and read during September and October. (I’m combining the two months because I spent much of September traveling.) If you’re new to this blog, this is a monthly feature that began way back in 2007. You can find earlier “Best Of”s for each month in the archives: 2008 Best Posts and 2007 Best Posts. I never include my own posts in these end-of-month recaps.

Local Search



Link Building

Social Media

Blogs & Blogging



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  1. Tim Conley says:

    Matt, I’m amazed you got a chance to read all these. Thanks for the post cuz I missed quite a few of them. I caught Lisa Barone’s 10 things to do before launching your blog. There were a couple good articles on pay per call tracking that didn’t make your list. Unfortunately, they’re cleared out of my google reader or I would post the URLs. I believe they were on Search Engine Land.

  2. Awesome collection, I am an avid Stoney, Blumenthal & Laycock fan, and I am purging through these other websites right now. It looks like some great material

  3. WOW. i am really grateful to you for doing this. Great resource. Now to someone who is laboring to learn the ropes…where do I find the time to read it all? 🙂 Got any time mutiplyer article summaries to post? Again thanks. I am now following you on Twitter too…so behave!

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