Note to Readers: Light Posting Ahead

Filed in Site News by Matt McGee on August 10, 2007 6 Comments

I’m on vacation next week. I’m not actually going anywhere this time, but we’re having family come visit us. So I’ll be around and may do some blog reading and even push out a post or two … or maybe not.

The following week is SES San Jose. I’ll be there all week, so light posting will continue because I’ve decided not to blog the sessions I attend. I’m sure I’ll do a recap post at the end, and I might post during the week as news/events catch my eye. But I won’t be doing the live-blogging thing for this one. Seems to me there’s enough of that happening, so you won’t miss anything if I’m not involved.

In lieu of the time you would normally spend reading Small Business SEM over the next couple weeks, let me encourage you to introduce yourself to these fine blogs which, for reasons beyond my comprehension, aren’t as widely read as they should be:

E-Marketing Performance – Stoney de Geyter and his team

The Lonely Marketer – Pat Schaber

SEO Igloo – Miriam Ellis

Techipedia – Tamar Weinberg

Search Engine Tigers – Simon Heseltine

Apogee Weblog – Richard Ball

Cornwall SEO – Lyndon Antcliff (AKA Lyndoman)

Karl Ribas

(I could go on, but I’ll stop there. I’m on vacation, after all…..)

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  1. Cornwall SEO says:

    Thanks for the link. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. sheseltine says:

    Same here, thanks for the mention. See you in SJ.

  3. Thanks, Matt. Enjoy your time off and take advantage of it. Looking forward to seeing you in San Jose!

  4. Miriam says:

    Thank you, Matt! What a nice surprise.
    Have a great vacation, and YES, please do post from SES if you can. You’ll notice all the important stuff and I’d love to read what you’ve got to say.

  5. Richard Ball says:

    Me, too. Thanks! Enjoy your break.

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