New Yahoo Maps becomes official

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Yahoo Local logoKinda ironic that just last night I was talking about how rarely Yahoo makes “small” local search announcements, and here today they throw pie in my face with one such announcement. Thhhpppfftttt yourself, Yahoo. 🙂

What is it? The newer, cooler Yahoo Maps is out of beta.

Yep, the new maps definitely a bigger “gee whiz” factor than the old map system, but again, I tip my cap to Yahoo for continuing to win the functionality battle. The newest, coolest “tool” I’ll be using?

Point-to-point-to-point mapping and directions. I remember wanting this back in August at SES in San Jose. I needed to map a route that began at the house where I was staying, went to the conference location, then went to a dinner location, then to a party location, and then back to the house. Five points in all, and I couldn’t do an A-B-C-D-E itinerary with driving directions.

That’s just one of the features – the link above has the full details from the Yahoo Local Search blog.

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