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Filed in Link Building, SEO & Web Tools by Matt McGee on April 1, 2007 3 Comments logoI’ve added a new tool to my list of places to locate potential sources of inbound links:

There’s a reason the name looks familiar: When you enter a URL into, it will spit out a list of similar sites based on an analysis of the bookmarking habits of users. Nice concept, and based on a few quick searches, it returns appropriate sites. Using my U2 site as a starting point, returned the band’s official site plus a handful of other high-quality fan sites. Using this site as a starting point brings up a list of other search/marketing sites that you’d probably want a link from if you also wanted a link from me.

The main drawback to using the site in this way is an obvious one: If the site you use as a starting point hasn’t been bookmarked enough on, you’re out of luck.

Still, I’ll be using in the future to help find related sites.

Jim Boykin’s Common Backlinks tool and Aaron Wall’s Yahoo Hubfinder are two other great resources for finding possible link building targets.

Your turn: What other ways do you find inbound link targets?

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  1. Alex says:

    All these are useful tools and thanks for spotting

    I still find a search by authority on key words in Technorati one of the best ways of identifying great, related sites.

  2. Matt McGee says:

    That’s another good one, Alex – no doubt about it. Thanks for contributing.

  3. increseo says:

    Nothing works like an old school style link search using search engines. SoloSEO’s Link Search Tool is great too:

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