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Filed in Miscellaneous, Site News by Matt McGee on June 13, 2006 1 Comment

Well, thanks to Rand at, it looks like today is shaping up to be the busiest traffic day SBS has seen. Rand, thanks for the ebullient praise, glad you found some value in the Local Search Marketing Guide. (Note to the 12 of us who used to sit around the SBS campfire quietly … we’re not alone anymore!)

Anyway, my name’s Matt and this is SBS. A couple quick notes for new readers, if I may:

  • We do have an Atom feed which I’ll link here since the button is buried a bit down in the right column.
  • Comments are welcome.
  • And lastly, SBS is written for an expected audience of small business owners and those involved in marketing for small businesses. Of course, anyone is welcome to read, bookmark, use the feed, etc. — but if you’re an SEOer/SEMer, you may find some of the material here a bit off your radar. (Unless you also have a small business, I suppose!) So that’s just a heads up on the content and style here…..

So there ya have it … again, thanks to Rand and welcome to the new folks. Hope you’ll stick around.

Update Thanks also to Stuntdubl (Todd Malicoat) for linking here from his excellent Local SE Marketing Tools list.

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  1. earlpearl says:

    Matt: I look forward to reading your comments. I’m a small business operator who has worked diligently to develop strong rankings for my local business site.

    Kudo’s for making an impression in the world of SEO.


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