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Filed in Local Search by Matt McGee on August 10, 2011 3 Comments

Many of you should know Miriam Ellis’ name: She’s a longtime local search friend, an occasional commenter here on SBSM and on other local blogs, a contributor to the annual Local Search Ranking Factors survey and more.

She’s also a fine copywriter, particularly when it comes to local/small business needs. And she’s just launched a website specific to those kinds of services: If your business is in need of help with locally-optimized pages, you’ll be in great hands by getting in touch with Miriam and her husband to learn about what they can do!

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  1. MiriamEllis says:

    What a happy surprise to read this very kind mention of our new subsidiary! Solas Web Design will remain our parent company, but after so many years spent writing copy for our clients, and hearing from so many SEMs how long it often takes their clients to get their content together, I thought it was time to branch out.

    Your commendation means the world to me! I truly thank you.

  2. Don Campbell says:

    Congratulations Miriam – This is a brilliant idea and I know you will do great at this!

  3. MiriamEllis says:

    Thank you so much, Don! I really hope I will get to work with some neat local businesses. I appreciate your congratulations.

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