My Wife, the Linkbaiter

Filed in Link Building, Off-Topic by Matt McGee on May 11, 2007 4 Comments

Maybe not 100% linkbait, since it’s actually an entry in Darren Rowse’s latest ProBlogger Group Writing Project. But it’s a Top 5 list, so it looks like linkbait. And if it looks like linkbait, smells like linkbait, and walks like linkbait…. right? Right. Here it is:

Top Five Reasons Real Estate is like “The Young and the Restless”

Check it out if you’d like. It’s a quick read. I don’t quite “get” each one, but that might be because I’m not a real estate agent. Nor do I watch Young and the Restless, for that matter! Still, she was quite excited about putting this together, and whether it’s successful or not, my gut feeling is there will be more posts like this on her blog in the future.

Kinda fun to watch the birth of a new linkbaiter. I’ll need to make sure she reads from the masters:

And in the non-master category, one of my posts might also help:

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  1. Congrats to your wife Matt. I didn’t give Darren’s last group writing project a go, but I banged together a quick post on my blog about essential blogs for bloggers.

    I think participating in the ProBlogger Top 5 project has generated about 15 new links to my blog and more comments. Better than my recent experience with Digg, so I’m pleased about that!

  2. Surveyor says:

    It’s certainly more interesting than the usual “selling tips” stuff that most real estate agents push.

    Out if interest did you help to develop your wife’s site? I run an estate agent’s office in London so it would be interesting to follow the progress of a similar site that you had worked on.

  3. Cari McGee says:

    Thanks for all the learn-from-the-masters posts…I truly think yours is the best, though!

  4. Matt McGee says:

    Thx for the comments, everyone. (Hi Mrs. McGee!) Gerard — the same thing happened with Cari’s blog and this ProBlogger thing. She got all kinds of new IBLs, more than she’d accumulated in the first few months put together.

    Surveyor – we kinda did it backwards. We found the blog template she liked, then I designed her web site to kinda-sorta look like it. Mainly just used the same set of colors, and a few other minor similarities.

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