My #1 Pet Peeve is…

Filed in Web Design by Matt McGee on November 2, 2006 0 Comments
password retrieval

How about telling me the password has to be 6 characters when I first try to login?

I tried logging in to Digg tonight — first time in about a month, probably. Do I remember my password? Of course not. But why wait until the end to tell me there’s a 6-character minimum? Drives me crazy. Is user-friendly web design so difficult?

Maybe you’re like me — you have several different passwords for different situations. I have my main password, which is 5 characters. I also have a 6-character password, because some sites have decided 5 isn’t enough. And I also have two different 8-character passwords, because some sites require 8, and other sites require 8 — while also demanding it be a mix of letters and numbers. By this time next year, I’m sure I’ll have a password that mixes COBOL and Farsi.

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