More (Final?) Thoughts on our Small Biz SES session

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SES 2006 logoWhat was that old Top 40 radio slogan the DJs would repeat ad nauseam? “The hits just keep on coming!”, or some such thing. Well, in this case it’s “The coverage just keeps on coming!”

Here are three more articles recapping / mentioning the “Big Ideas for Small Sites and Small Budgets” session that I spoke on earlier this month with Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide and John Carcutt of Applied SEO.

Winning Big With a Small Search Marketing Budget by Patricia Hursh, at Search Engine Watch. A good recap overall of the session. I don’t recall saying exactly what I’m quoted as saying, but the points are correct. I also spent about half my presentation discussing the very first decision a small business has to make: Whether to hire an SEO company or do it yourself.

An SEOmozzer’s Recap of SES San Jose 2006 by Rebecca Kelley of This one covers the whole week and all of Rebecca’s experiences; the recap of our session on Wednesday is good, and not just because I get a nice compliment. 🙂

And finally, SES San Jose, an SEO Recap by Jim Hedger, published on Search Engine Guide. Jim also recaps the entire week in his article, but he saves some very kind words for our small biz session. Thanks, Jim!

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